What You Should Know About Tango CDs And DVDs From Annie Tangkasnet

Tango is not the same in the West as it is in India and that is one of the reasons why the Tango CDs and DVDs are so popular. Tango can be danced in many different ways and in a variety of cultures but most people find it difficult to move in a slow, deliberate manner that characterizes Indian dance. A Tango CD provides you with the experience of dance in a way that will bring out the best of your body and mind.

The extraordinary dancing on Tango CDs and DVDs by Tango dancer Annie Tangkasnet is one of the attractions. She takes you into her world of mesmerizing, slow motion movements that move effortlessly between exotic, sensual dance steps and regal, sultry music. Her CD captures the ecstasy of moving rhythmically in perfect sync with a rhythm beat and provides you with the opportunity to achieve that effect yourself.

Tango is a simple, yet sophisticated form of dance which requires both mental and physical agility. And by taking on this dance in a slow and meditative manner, you will learn to retain the fluidity of movement that characterizes the Indian dance. There is a quiet calmness to be found in this type of dance that is not found in other forms of dance such as salsa or tango. You can learn to walk in slow, graceful circles with the energy of the dance movement flowing through you body.

For example, one of the songs on Tango CDs and DVDs features a song called “The Sun is Rising” by Tango diva Annie Tangkasnet. In this song, Annie Tangkasnet performs the hip swaying “The Maestro’s Dance” in slow motion. It gives you the chance to slow down and watch in awe as Annie tangkasnet dances in that slow, meditative rhythm beat. You also get to see this beautiful dancer warm up for her first dance on this CD before you have even heard her voice.

Another of the CDs and DVDs from Annie Tangkasnet features the song “Summer Nights” from the movie Passion of The Christ. This track features Annie tangkasnet in a meditative hum, as she dances in a smooth, slow motion around her partner. There is no beating of the music; the songs just glide through you with an exhilarating confidence.

These CDs and DVDs are in High Definition so that they give you the best possible image of your dancer. It provides you with that feeling of being in the room with them as they do their most demanding dance routines. The images are beautifully clear and the colors are rich.

Annie Tangkasnet offers up a variety of songs on her Tango CDs and DVDs. They include some of her more difficult dance steps. They also feature excerpts from some of her dance classics like “One for the Road”, “Slow As Water”, “Family Love”, “Smiles & Tears”, “The Maestro’s Dance” and the beloved “The Sun is Rising”.Chick here for more details about tangkasnet

I believe that it is important to have an in depth knowledge of your dancer’s work in order to capture the true essence of that work. That is why I have had the privilege of getting to know Annie Tangkasnet and other top dancers over the years through my work as a teacher and consultant for dance studios.