The Kratom Episode Review

The Kratom episode is a terrific watch because, when we see the three mentioned characters in action we can actually get a little of their personalities and their feelings. It’s also very fun to see the way John’s character reacts to the situation.

John’s character and the way he reacts to the new guy is very different from the way he reacted to Pam’s character. It’s not that John’s character has any bad intentions, but just because he was so comfortable with the other guy doesn’t mean he doesn’t have his own insecurities and problems.

It makes sense that, as it gets to the Kratom episode, it would turn out to be a lot more about his and the guy he’s with, than what Pam is doing. But, it makes sense that John has his own problems and challenges at work too.

I’m really liking how John has his character react to the problems that have come up after the Kratom episode. He seems to be able to adapt very well and bounce back from the obstacles.

I really enjoy how the episode is portraying John’s character. He seems to have more people who are actually friends with him than those who he has problems with.

For me, this particular scene was one of the funniest scenes in the whole episode. After watching it a couple of times, it just comes out of my head.

It has a lot of things going on and everything is happening very fast and John’s character reacts to the situation as he should, which is not how you show it in real life. But, as he told Pam, John works for an undercover agency, he’s one of those agents who is not really part of the business but he does show up occasionally and interact with his people.

So, while John has people around him and is aware of the culture, he does have his own emotions and frustrations. You can tell that the episode is highlighting the character’s troubles and challenges at work and this is really good.